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Take the “Icy Buckets” Challenge Today

Last summer, the Ice Bucket Challenge was all the rage as people took selfies of themselves being doused with ice for charity. Here at VINE Sanctuary, staff members face a more perilous challenge every winter morning — the quest to lug buckets of food and water along icy paths without breaking their necks.


So, we created a little online game to give our friends a sense of what sanctuary life is really like: The Icy Buckets Challenge. Are you up to the task of completing just one round of morning chores at one part of the sanctuary? Play the game and see! We hope it will be fun for you to imagine yourself into our boots.


2 comments to Take the “Icy Buckets” Challenge Today

  • CQ
    My “donation” today takes the form of giving VINE’s name, location, and website URL in a letter I’m writing to someone who spends weekends in Vermont and who is writing a series of children’s books about the Green Mountain State’s natural wonders and splendors.

    If he wants me to edit the books, I will do so ONLY if he’s willing to delete references to animal products and caged creatures (birds, fishes, etc.) unless it’s clear that they are rescues!

    Hopefully he’ll decide to pay a visit to VINE when he’s next in Vermont. He could take a tour, talk to founders/staff/volunteers, and listen — really listen — to the residents!

    Oh, he could also lug some jugs! :-)

  • pattrice
    That’s a great idea. Thanks!

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