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Deadline Extended! LGBTQ/Animal Liberation Anthology

It’s been a whirlwind summer here at VINE Sanctuary, with staff shortages leaving the rest of us to cover as many as 80 hours of on-site work each week. As a result, we’re behind on everything, including preparations for our forthcoming anthology on intersections between LGBTQ and animal liberation.

And that’s good news for any writers, scholars, or artists who might like to propose a chapter or other contribution. While we had announced a deadline of September 30th for proposals, we’re extending that to October 30th. So, please do review the call for contributions and then contact us if you’d like to participate. And, please do share this announcement with anyone you know who might like to contribute. Finally, if you’re someone who¬†has proposed a piece, we thank you for your patience as we scramble to find time to give your proposal the attention it deserves.


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