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Vegan Emotions — Which Ones Do YOU Feel?

A recent New Scientist article reminded me that the great variability in words for emotions in different languages suggests that people in different places (or circumstances) may actually feel different emotions. That got me thinking about vegan emotions.

Here are a few that I have felt:

Vlee — That giddy sensation you experience when encountering a veganized version of something you never thought you’d taste again.

Explanaustion — That sinking feeling you experience when you realize that you are about to talk about protein for the 13 millionth time.

Eggravation — The grinding and gnashing of teeth accompanying the discovery of albumen or some other utterly superfluous animal product in the ingredient list of a foodstuff that ought to be vegan. Often accompanied by outbursts along the lines of “WTF? Whey? WHEY?!? Why? WHY?!?”

Plantitude — The feeling of vitamins coursing through your veins, leading to a sensation of vigor and stamina. Most often experienced just after throwing back a shot of green juice or downing a particularly colorful salad.

Tofullness — The uncomfortable sensation of having eaten somewhat too much, moderated by the awareness that it was only tofu or nuts, adding up to an overall feeling of being pleasantly stuffed.

What about you? Can you describe or coin names for some other vegan emotions? Or maybe you’d like to tweak, elaborate, or quibble with one of mine? Let’s see how many vegan emotions we can define!

5 comments to Vegan Emotions — Which Ones Do YOU Feel?

  • Claire
    Vegansorrow — sadness at seeing humans eating non-humans’ bodies — sadness and sympathy both for the animals who were killed and for the humans who are eating them.
  • Marcia Mueller
    Veganger: The anger vegan feel at seeing and hearing about animal abuse, especially that which is condoned (hunting/slaughter) or unpunished.
  • Charlotte
    Tofitude. When you discover that you can, in fact, gain weight eating a vegan diet.
  • Dallas Rising
    Teamitude – The feeling of affection for the people whom you’re working with to make the world safer and kinder and the sense of pride you feel knowing these incredible people are your community.

    Libilation – The feeling you get when you hear about or witness someone being liberated or succeeding in making an escape from a violent and/or dangerous situation.

    Freelight – The feeling you get when you’re fortunate enough to witness the expression of freedom, joy, or contentedness of other species when they’re in a space suited to their needs, such as seeing a large pod of stingrays from the air over the ocean or seeing survivors of animal agriculture in a sanctuary.

    That was fun!

  • Dairypressed – When a dear friend who has been considering going vegan orders a dairy ice cream cone (or any other dairy product.

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