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Interspecies Connections

About two and a half months ago, a cat arrived here who happened to be pregnant. Soon enough nature took her course and we had four kittens. Three have survived almost two months now (Friday August 27 will be their birthday), and it goes without saying that they are remarkably adorable.

However, one thing does indeed need to be said: not only do these kittens live in a community of chickens and ducks (they live in the main coop), but they also have a foster father who happens to be a rabbit.

Buster Brown, who has always loved cats in general, has completely fallen for the kittens (now named Brooklyn, Three-Spot, and Mermaid). While he doesn’t hang out with them all of the time, he spends quite a bit of his free time snuggling with them, smelling them, and allowing them to climb all over him (although he does draw the line at too much nibbling of his ears).

Here are some photos of them all sleeping in the barn. The first photo shows Buster, Luna (the kittens’ mother), Brooklyn, Three-Spot, and Mermaid, near Coop-Dweller (our name for this guy because he doesn’t like to leave the coop). The netting you see is where we’ve blocked off the steps that lead to our kitchen.

Here’s the whole family:

And another shot of just Buster and the kids:

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