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The Latest Craze: Crowboarding

For once, the world wide web brings us some non-intrusive, non-exploitative evidence of avian capabilities: Here’s a video of a crow playing on a rooftop, using a circular object as a sled. Tool use has been widely documented among crows, who often both express and develop their intelligence in play. But it’s rare to have the chance to see corvid intelligence in action.

3 comments to The Latest Craze: Crowboarding

  • Dian Hardy
    Lovely. Thank you for this! This is one I’m pleased to send on to all friends and family. It’s good from time to time to be able to bring real news – something that can change peoples’ minds – rather than the same outrageous stuff that we see or even if we don’t see it, we know it goes on. Moment after moment, hour after hour, day after day and most people think it’s okay. Many blessings to you.
  • CQ
    Ditto, Dian. I’m sharing widely, too.

    Reminds me of the PBS Nature show last year about crows. I think its title was “A Murder of Crows” (‘cuz that’s what a flock of crows is called, I guess you know). You should be able to Google and find the video at the PBS site.

    “Crowboarding” — very cute!

    Spasibo :-)

  • I love the intelligence and community solidarity of crows but this is above and beyond my expectations. Thank you!

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