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From the AR News: Michigan’s Bizarre Plan to Mass Murder Pigs on Family Farms

Check this out:

While of course I’m thrilled at the prospect of carnivorous local farms being destroyed — and in fact, that is the only happy silver lining of THIS story — I am having trouble thinking too deeply about this situation, which is why I’m posting it here. Any time I can’t allow myself to approach even abstract thought about a particular animal issue because I know the tornado of emotion that will follow, I know it’s time to pay close attention.

Especially horrifying — beyond the murder of the pigs, if possible — is the devastating reality that the reason they are being murdered is because they appear to be getting just a little too close to feral. That is to say, they are straying too far from their allowable domesticated bonds of slavery, so of course we have to kill them.

When will enough animal rights activists get ANGRY ENOUGH? Where is the RAGE? Where is the ANGER? THIS is why I can’t stomach gourmet vegan dinners in the name of activism — THIS is why my whole BODY screams when I read the news — WHEN WILL WE GET ANGRY ENOUGH TO MAKE THIS STOP?

I am not yelling at you, my reader, but I will say that if you are not yelling — if you are not finding yourself weeping or wailing or throwing things around the room or otherwise expressing moral outrage over this or the ten million other beyond-horrible things that are done to non-human animals every day — every SECOND of every day — then perhaps you might want to ask yourself why not. Why aren’t you just that angry? Just that grief-stricken? Just that determined to say enough is enough?


6 comments to From the AR News: Michigan’s Bizarre Plan to Mass Murder Pigs on Family Farms

  • Nancy
    I am very angry and outraged every second of my life especially when I see that the people who are supposed to be nonhuman rights activists have become turncoats
    I am angry when the next “vegfest” is being sponsored by Whole Foods and Prisilla Feral from Friends of Animals who blasted WF five years ago for their “humane meat” rationale will be a guest speaker at this travesty. I am angry when I hear peta, hsus and “vegan” outreach preaching welfarism and still given credence as AR groups. I am angry when ar groups keep clumping ovo lacto vegetarians and vegans together. Since when is stealing milk and eating eggs AR? I am angry when vegans call themselves vegetarian.
    I am angry at how vegans have sold animals out for a “vegan option” at restaurants that sell approved animal flesh. Convenience obviously trumps principles on this one. Can you imagine if there was dog or human flesh served on the menu? How many vegans would we see oohing and aahing then?
    I am angry at the cognitive dissonance and complacency of potlucks and hearing that being vegan is enough. It isn’t.
    I am angry but I have learned to temper this anger because it was destroying me. I have learned to use Qi Gong and standing mediation to help me over come the crippling anger and despair and use it to keep on speaking for those that cannot and NEVER compromising no matter how many times other “activists” call me an absolutist.
  • bravebird
    I am with you 100%. To CELEBRATE CRUMBS like this when the bulk of suffering goes on unabated is horrifying. No one would have celebrated black people sitting at a lunch counter if they were still enslaved in this nation, would they? But with animals, it’s always ALWAYS something we are told we must calm down about, compromise, don’t be so ANGRY, entice them with kind words and don’t alienate them with anger. Would these people have told John Brown to calm down? How about Harriet Tubman? Should she have calmed down? Emma Goldman? Yes, change happens over time, yes, I get that, but where is the collective RAGE? I guess we are drowning it in vegan cupcakes.
  • I am also at a loss as to where I stand on this issue. While on the one hand I deplore “big brother” dictating to any individual what they can/can’t do… We’re also talking about lives here. Lives that I would certainly defend with my physical might if necessity and/or opportunity arose. So what’s the ethical stand?

    Shouldn’t we cheer any time any one species or “breed” of animals is kept out of the loop of human use? Isn’t that what this does to “feral” hogs? Yet, at the same time, this (small scale) rancher is being bullied by those in the larger factories that breed *other* pigs by the billions. The government is providing favors for the giant industries while snuffing the lively-hood of this guy AND the LIVES of these pigs. What if these pigs were pets?

    Most states can’t even regulate “exotic animals” kept for amusement – Why is such force being used against these pigs eventually, (tragically) used as “food”?

    And IF the AR advocates were diligent in trying to protect these pigs from murder… Why aren’t we storming ALL the slaughterhouses, mink farms and labs? Like I said — This one is stumping me as to what the proper course should be.

    Of course it’s wrong – But why are we particularly outraged over this small farm killing when billions go through the machine every year? :/

    Thanks for airing this out — Perhaps some minds more astute than mine will make sense of it all.

  • Nancy
    Some are storming slaughterhouses, mink farms and labs but are excoriated by the so called animal rights groups. Ward Churchill addresses this issue in his book Pacifism as Pathology. If John Brown and Emmeline Pankhurst were alive today they would be considered terrorists.

    The problem with the murder of these porcine as well as the raw milk issue is that it is essentially a war between slave owners.
    Unless we are willing to storm the slaughterhouses, mink farms and labs we cannot help those lost souls. We can however help with the wolf genocide

  • bravebird

    Bea, I hear you — and no, definitely, more outrage is not called for here than for any other sickening animal exploitation, use, murder, etc. I guess an analogy for me might be that I know global climate change — the change we have caused — is doing a gazillion terrible things to the planet every day. All the time. That is a weight that never goes away. But then there’s a freak something or other that just brings all of that weight — all of the rage and pain and despair under that weight — to the surface. It isn’t that the freak something is more or less horrible than everything else — it’s just that you have to find a way to live with the knowledge of the “everything else” or else you go nuts, and then there’s always a spark that comes along to whip those embers into flames.

    Something generally whips those embers into flames for me every day. I just don’t generally blog about it — but this was an unusual thing, something that I think is both a precedent for other similar things, and a descendant of the generally problematic native species rabid bullshit fad — you know, we bring plants or animals somewhere, they wreak havoc on an ecosystem (or we lie and say they have), and so then we have to kill them and/or “manage” them.

    It’s all outrageous. It’s all murderous and horrifying and ubiquitous. What should be done? I wouldn’t venture to say some of my answers in this venue.

  • bravebird
    War between slave owners — excellent way to word this. Thanks for the information, also….

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