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2017 at VINE Sanctuary


VINE Sanctuary will be closing out 2017 with the greatest number of nonhuman animals ever in residence, having organized a greater variety of educational events than ever before. Here are some highlights of the year…

Sanctuary Happenings

We will close out the year with more than 600 animals in residence at . . . → Read More: 2017 at VINE Sanctuary

My Summer at VINE Sanctuary


Have you ever worked so hard that you fell asleep in a duck coop? Made friends with a turkey? Observed the world from the point of view of a rooster? No? Then let our summer intern, Katie, tell you all about her weeks at the sanctuary. . . . → Read More: My Summer at VINE Sanctuary

When Fine-Feathered Friends Fly In


Two dozen multi-colored roosters descend on a chicken sanctuary, changing everything — for the better. . . . → Read More: When Fine-Feathered Friends Fly In

2015 in Review

2015-10-18 11.50.15

Blake began the year in a bad way. A survivor of dairying who is among the eldest female cows at the sanctuary, Blake went down and couldn’t get back up —a potential death sentence for cows— on one of the most frigid early days of 2015.

We were all so worried, but we knew what . . . → Read More: 2015 in Review

Duck Bills


Ask any child (or adult) to draw or imitate a duck, and the first thing they will sketch or mime will be that distinctive bill. But most people don’t realize that, in addition to shaping those characteristic quacks, duck bills are responsible for remarkable feats of perception.

The sensitive tips of duck bills include both . . . → Read More: Duck Bills

Running a Sanctuary


Here’s a recap of the panel on Running a Sanctuary at AR2015, including an in-depth account of our cofounder’s remarks about the ethical and emotional challenges of sanctuary work, along with summaries of the other presentations and ensuing discussion about micro-sanctuaries. . . . → Read More: Running a Sanctuary

Party in the Pasture!

The back pasture crew will appreciate all the hard work!

VINE Sanctuary invites you to “party in the pasture” with us, joining our crew for a fun day of work and play. . . . → Read More: Party in the Pasture!

From Egg Factory to Sanctuary

This hollow of another tree, which the hens had to jump up into, was another popular spot.

In this story from the very first year of our sanctuary, egg factory survivors Fanny, Scout, and Simone regrow their feathers while reveling in the freedom and safety offered by the sanctuary. . . . → Read More: From Egg Factory to Sanctuary

Stalking Emus and Scaredy Cows

Coco-the-Boy and Lamby are best friends

The other morning, I glanced out my window to see calves bolting up a muddy driveway, glancing nervously over their shoulders at an emu. Observing the interactions of sanctuary residents with each other is one of the joys of sanctuary life.

Back when Miriam and I founded the chicken sanctuary that would grow up to . . . → Read More: Stalking Emus and Scaredy Cows

How Can Six People Take Care of 500 Animals?

Dot's daily "snow cone" doesn't technically count as a required special meal, but we are happy to give it to her anyway

A look behind the scenes at VINE Sanctuary, . . . → Read More: How Can Six People Take Care of 500 Animals?