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Feed Costs Slam Sanctuaries

The Eastern Shore Sanctuary recently released a report urging animal advocates to seize opportunities for activism arising from recent surges in feed prices. What we (typically) forgot to say is that those surges have hurt us too. Sharp rises in the prices of corn, wheat, and other staples have significantly increased our weekly feed bill. We’re sure that’s true for other sanctuaries too. As the weather gets colder and animals need to eat more to stay warm, those costs will continue to rise. So, whether it’s the Eastern Shore Sanctuary or a sanctuary closer to your own home and heart, please consider making a contribution as the days grow colder.

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1 comment to Feed Costs Slam Sanctuaries

  • Charlotte
    I know — just purchasing scratch for the few backyard birds who live here has gotten FAR more expensive than it was before. I will certainly donate. :-)

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