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Seize the Day

Located in a rural region where the local poultry industry participates in the global economy by killing and cutting up more than a million chickens a day, the Eastern Shore Sanctuary & Education Center is committed to the project of building a movement capable of catalyzing the worldwide changes in agriculture, trade, consumption, and attitudes toward animals that will be necessary in order to free birds and other animals from the entangled net of exploitation and expropriation by which humans have ensnared them. To that end, we have begun publishing a series of memos, reports, and strategic analyses intended to build the capacity of the animal liberation movement to contribute to such sweeping changes.

Seizing opportunities to take action when the time is especially right is an important component of strategically effective activism. Right now, the economic crises created by competition for corn and other grain by three different purposes — food for people, “livestock” feed, and biofuel — the time is especially ripe for activism aimed at reducing meat consumption and further raising the costs of meat production. To that end, the Eastern Shore Sanctuary and Education Center has released a report explaining the economics of the situation, offering a strategic response, and spelling out exactly what organizations and individual activists can do to take effective action.

You can download the report here. Please feel free to redistribute it widely.

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