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First Volunteer Day in Vermont is a Total Bust

As in, busting ass!! :-) We had a small but VERY energetic, very hard-working group of people who helped us get the outside of two coops painted, the inside of one coop painted, and sticks picked up on several acres. It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining, and it felt wonderful to have help, not just in terms of the physical labor, but also in terms of the emotional support that having outside help can bring.

So thank you to Jeannie, Rachael, Molly, and Lin (listed in order of arrival) for giving of your valuable weekend time to help. All of us at VINE appreciate it enormously.

3 comments to First Volunteer Day in Vermont is a Total Bust

  • How wonderful to hear helpers rolling up their sleeves to do the hands-on work of compassionate living. I’m sure it was just as rewarding for them to physically exercise their vision and goal of a better world.

    Yes – thank you Jeannie, Rachael, Molly, and Lin – And Vine Sanctuary for living the idea.

  • bravebird
    And thank YOU Bea, as well. :-) I agree — before we had the sanctuary, I did some volunteering at another place and it does feel good to put one’s money wehere one’s mouth is, so to speak. :-)
  • It’s refreshing to hear that people still love to help and volunteer their time and skills…”Backbones” are needed to help non profit groups such as yours….makes getting up each day a little easier……I HEART volunteers!!!

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